ICL Plastics

ICL Plastics Ltd is a leading edge plastics fabrication group based in Glasgow.
The company is a management company for six other plastics companies. It boasts 70 workers across the entire group.

Its portfolio includes general fabrications, acrylic and Perspex display cases, vacuum forming, screen printing and concept development amongst others.

ICL Plastics staff consistently deliver a first class service. They pride themselves on being able to see an idea through from a concept to a finished product efficiently and with minimum cost.

Ensuring the smooth running of a large organisation like ICL can be a headache.  Accounts Administrator Joyce Russell originally used IRIS PAYE-Master but upgraded to IRIS Payroll Professional. She also runs IRIS HR Manager at the Glasgow based firm.

IRIS Payroll Professional is designed with those running multiple company payrolls in mind. Joyce explained how it has helped her.

“Our financial director chose to go with IRIS because of its cost efficiency and it certainly seems to be.

“I hadn’t really had any problems with IRIS PAYE-Master and when the decision was made to upgrade to IRIS Payroll Professional I wasn’t sure but as a business changes so do your needs. Now I find the payroll much easier and much more flexible.

“It is user friendly in so far as when you make a mistake you can go back and correct it. You don’t have to put everything in all over again. I like the availability of the reports. It doesn’t take a great amount of time to run the payroll now and I can easily then do my analysis from the reports. And I like that when I do the salaries I just use the same system as I use week to week and I’m not having to do a separate run.

“Generally when I have had to use the helpline they have been very helpful. Some of them are stars! I’m not particularly technical but there are certain members of staff who you speak to who give you the confidence to do a lot of things you wouldn’t usually attempt.

“We need to take now what we have learnt and build on it.”