Insch Medical Practice

Insch Medical Practice is a busy medium sized surgery serving the people of Insch and its surrounding location.

Its 6,000 patient base is of mixed age and largely drawn from the rural area surrounding Insch. The training practice, which has four partner GPs, has 15 other members of staff on its payroll.

It is important for the practice to maintain high standards in patient care. It held the Royal College of General Practitioners Quality Practice Award from 2003 to 2008 and is proud of the service it gives.

Insch Medical Practice needs to run as smoothly as possible behind the scenes to maintain its excellent level of patient care. Practice Administrator Linda Moir uses IRIS GP Payroll because she feels it works well for a surgery that size.

She explained: “Originally before I came here everything was done manually. But as the practice grew it became necessary to introduce a system that would work more efficiently. IRIS GP Payroll has been set up specifically for GPs. It was written by a GP for GPs. It understands what is needed from a practice and meets those needs.

“It is very user friendly and all of the information you need is simple to input. The reports that come from it are in an easily understandable format. The information is all there when you need it.

“Everything is very much kept up to date. It is great to have the ability to download regular updates to the software from the IRIS website. And you don’t have to worry about missing anything because IRIS notify you of the updates available.

“If there is ever a problem, you know that you can go back into a previous payroll and find the information that you need. I had an issue with a maternity pay once and had to rerun all of the month’s salaries. I managed it.

“The greatest benefit is the time that it saves. It doesn’t take long at all to run the payroll, and if I need to update anything during the month, it is a fairly simple process and it can save more time. The online link to the Inland Revenue makes everything much easier at the end of the year too.

“I would definitely recommend it to any busy practice.”