The Glasgow-based company has more than 2,500 employees working in 150 stores throughout the UK and has used Earnie IQ since 2006.

Anne Campbell, Payroll Manager, joined the team in 2005, at a time when the retailer was outsourcing to a payroll bureau.  One of her first assignments was to find a suitable alternative that would enable the company to tend to their own payroll in-house.

"Apart from being expensive, both my employers and I felt using a bureau was too high risk for the cost and administration involved.  If we sent through data containing human errors the bureau wouldn't pick up on it and would hold us liable for the consequences."

The decision was made to purchase a new payroll system and Ann investigated a number of payroll options before deciding on Earnie IQ. 

"When it came to choosing software I looked at Sage, Pegasus and Earnie and I felt Earnie IQ had the edge in terms of functionality and support.  We haven't used anything else since."

In November 2008 the company acquired 85 stores from fellow fashion retailer MK One which meant additional work for the payroll team as around 1,000 new employees needed to be added to the Internacionale payroll.  This could have proved very time-consuming but thanks to the flexibility of Earnie IQ, the process was quick and easy.

"When the company bought MK One we had to amalgamate two completely separate payrolls.  Earnie support talked our IT department through the process and saved us from having to manually input the details of the new employees.  Their patience and expertise saved us hours and hours of manual labour and a great deal of stress."

Another feature of Earnie IQ that Ann finds invaluable is the Quick Report Writer which allows custom reports to be created in minutes.  This is perfect for the fast-paced retail environment where Ann often has to deliver specific management reports within an hour of being asked for them.

"Time and again we use the report generator aspect of Earnie and each time it is invaluable.  It enables us to tailor our own reports based on whatever information is required.  Reports are quick, easy-to-produce and very comprehensive."

Ann finds Earnie IQ very easy to use and has rarely had call to use the support services but on the occasions she has, she has found the team to be invaluable:

"I have always found the support team incredibly helpful.  It makes an enormous difference to get such good support at the other end of the phone, particularly when we can be under enormous pressure to get it right."