IRIS Elements gets a great reaction from PY Accountants Ltd

If saving time on compliance, increasing productivity, spending more time advising clients and growing your practice are important to you, then IRIS Elements is the innovative cloud accounting solution to meet that challenge.

For Yorkshire based PY Accountants Ltd, finding a more cost-effective solution, which was easy enough to use, and accessible from anywhere, is what brought Elements into the practice.

One Platform, One Experience, One Shared Client Record

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IRIS Elements

In fact, Paul Younger, Director of PY Accountants, was one of the first customers to use IRIS Elements, and his experience so far has been fantastic! Paul told us, “I’m not someone who likes to change, and I often choose to stick to what I know, but with rising costs I knew I needed to at least consider what other software was out there and I saw some really great things being said online and in forums about IRIS Elements. With it being a new product, I really didn’t know anything about it, but I knew IRIS and I trusted what was being said by other accountants, so I decided to go for it."

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