Case Study: IRIS Resourcing

Customer profile:

An industry-leading Chartered Accountancy Firm with multiple sites across the UK. The firm has been helping clients grow their business, handle their tax, and process their payroll since 1946.


After running out of capacity internally, and following challenges with recruitment, Senior Partners within the firm, each with their own portfolio of clients, turned to IRIS Resourcing to meet their growing demands.

Solutions used:

IRIS Resourcing


The Chartered Accountancy Firm saw exceptional growth and an enormous increase in clients leading to a rapidly increasing workload.

Eventually, in-house staff ran out of capacity to manage the incoming tasks, and when the firm turned to recruitment, they struggled to find the right talent.

“We had a lot of time-consuming work, and that’s the problem! Who could you hire that would want to be doing these convoluted jobs as it’s not exciting stuff – it’s just admin.”

“After initially recruiting a few new employees, we found that they just didn’t want to do these admin-heavy jobs.” Plus, if we gave new employees some of these big balancing jobs, they wouldn’t know where to start, and we’d get the work back in a right mess, meaning I’d be stuck sorting it out.”

“While it’s boring work, it’s incredibly complex to do if you’re not familiar with it.”

So, to manage the ever-increasing backlog of work, the firm turned to IRIS Resourcing.


IRIS Resourcing fit the firm’s needs perfectly by offering a solution that enabled them to outsource their time-consuming admin, freeing staff up to focus on higher-value jobs.

By utilising the service, the convoluted tasks that plagued their practice are now handed over to our highly experienced team.

“If I gave all the work to in-house staff, it would take far too much time because of the sheer quantity, so IRIS Resourcing has really freed up people.”

But time savings isn’t the only benefit that the firm achieved – thanks to the outsourcing solution, they’ve been able to reduce costs.

“Taking the admin-heavy jobs away from in-house staff reduced our costs while also enabling people to concentrate on the more important stuff. It's changed the way we work and allowed us to refocus our time on our client-facing tasks.”


Thanks to IRIS Resourcing, the firm has been able to sustain continued growth without overburdening employees or recruiting new talent.

“I can’t recommend IRIS Resourcing enough as it has enabled us to grow and pick up new clients without having to recruit more staff. We can rely on the service, and it just makes everything easier.”

In particular, IRIS Resourcing has been especially useful for the firm during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We had to furlough around 20 employees, only keeping on a few key workers, and during this time, we’ve used IRIS Resourcing an enormous amount.” “Even though we’ve been operating at a severely reduced capacity, the firm has still been able to run and provide clients with a critical service.”


So, how do they summarise what IRIS Resourcing has done for the firm?

“Thanks to IRIS Resourcing, we’ve been able to continue growing and picked up new clients while employees have been furloughed.”