Jackson-Scott Associates

Over the past fifteen years, Jackson-Scott Associates Ltd has built a thriving client base ranging from individuals needing help with tax returns to medium-sized enterprises needing accountancy, taxation and payroll services.

From the company’s offices in Chessington, Surrey, an eight-strong team works with clients mainly in the south east and the Home Counties, but also further afield. Jackson-Scott began using IRIS Accountancy Suite within a couple of years of formation and the software has provided a solid platform for practice growth. Over time, Jackson-Scott has extended its use so that virtually all the available modules in the suite are now in place. Jackson-Scott began to experience major problems with its ageing server, so much so that as Director Angela Eden puts it, “It fell over one day and couldn’t get up again.” She goes on to explain, “We genuinely thought we’d covered all the bases and it was one chance in a hundred thousand that the particular problem would occur, but it did and we must have spent over 35 working hours liaising with our external IT support provider to try to resolve it.”