Kandy Toys

KandyToys Limited is a successful importer of toys, beach goods, gifts and confectionary based in Clyst St Mary, Exeter.

The growing business has offices in both Hong Kong and the UK and its own British distribution centre.

Its business base ranges from sole traders to wholesalers and supermarkets and it has been operating since 1978. The firm currently has 45 members of staff, who are all, except one, employed on a full time basis.

It is vital for a firm of this size to operate as efficiently as possible. Accounts manager Mark Hall used IRIS PAYE-Master until very recently and was delighted with it. He has now switched to IRIS Payroll Business, an intuitive payroll software designed to help small to medium sized businesses handle complex payroll legislation easily. He is so far pleased with the results.

“IRIS is the ideal product for small to medium sized businesses. It does the job. It is very straightforward. There are not lots of extra features that you don’t need or aren’t likely to ever use. It understands what is needed by an SME and does it.

“It is also fairly simple to pick up and operate. I had literally a morning’s training and I had understood what I needed to. It is not too technical so if that sort of thing worries you, you needn’t let it.

“The biggest benefit is probably the time aspect. It is a very quick processing time. As most of the work for our payroll is done before hand it only takes around half an hour to run it, which is great. The year end is also very simple. You receive the disc in plenty of time from IRIS and it only really takes an extra hour to run it.

“You also have the comfort of knowing that if there is ever a problem the helpdesk is there for you. We had some adjustments to make once where someone had been paid in advance and there was a change of working dates so we had to go back and change it. They were very helpful and just sorted it all straightaway. And when we switched over from IRIS PAYE-Master to IRIS Payroll Business recently, IRIS were fantastic. They took over our machines and made sure everything was working how it should be.

“I would definitely recommend IRIS software. It is the ideal system for a small to medium sized business.”