Keats Grove Surgery

Keats Grove Surgery is a large and well established GP practice based in The Scotlands, Wolverhampton.

The thriving practice serves around 6,600 patients and offers a full range of medical services from treating chronic conditions to minor surgery to family planning.

Keats Grove boasts three partners and numerous support and administrative staff. It is also a training practice and welcomes GP registrars and student nurses keen to extend their learning and understanding of general practice. Once there, they face the challenges of working in a more deprived area of the city.

In order to provide such an excellent training ground, the practice must run as efficiently as possible. It prides itself on being there for its patients, to assist with their overall health and wellness needs in whatever way it can.

Practice manager Carol Kenney uses IRIS GP Accounts and IRIS GP Payroll and would not be without either of them. She explained how it was important to use a software system which was reliable, comprehensive and one which you had complete confidence in.

“For a practice of our size and our needs both the IRIS GP Payroll and IRIS GP Accounts are the perfect solutions. My predecessor used manual bookkeeping originally and switched to IRIS as the needs of the practice grew.

“Both of the packages are so user friendly. They have easy to follow instructions and something that could take a very long time can now be done so quickly. I couldn’t work without it. Payroll now takes me about an hour and a half and that’s with inputing every BACS payment. It really is touch of the button stuff.

“And you have the confidence of knowing that if you ever do make a mistake it is easily rectified. We’ll all human afterall. Everything is so easy to sort out. I really made a mess with IRIS GP Accounts to start off with but I rang IRIS and they immediately helped me to get it all back on track.

“The biggest benefits to this practice, though, are that it saves so much time and the knowledge that everything has been done correctly. You can feel confident when you use it, that everything is going to be spot on. With payroll there is a great responsibility to get it right and I know with this software I have got it right. I have already recommended it to other practices.”