Marden Medical Centre

Marden Medical Centre is a semi rural practice located in Marden near Tonbridge.
The busy practice has four partner GPs, two practice nurses, a healthcare assistant, dispensary manager, five receptionists, two medical secretaries and three attached staff, who service the 5,500 patients on its books.

The practice will soon be a training practice once again and will be providing support and experience to two training doctors in the near future.

Marden Medical Centre prides itself on its friendly approach to medical care. It provides a host of services to its patients, along with regular visits from several independent professionals including a podiatrist, physiotherapist and osteopath.

Practice manager David Shaw has to ensure everything runs smoothly at the practice. He uses IRIS GP Payroll and likes it because it is simple, straightforward and does what is asked of it.

He explained: “I use IRIS GP Payroll because, simply put, it does exactly what it says on the tin. It is GP practice specific. It understands the needs of a surgery’s payroll. It was easy to pick up. I didn’t need formal training. It was taught to me by another practice manager and once you start using it everything slots into place. It is a no-brainer. You do not need to be a computer whiz to use it.

“I like that it is simple and quick. I can run a payroll in less than an hour and that includes payments to the bank. Job done. I like the whole package. It does what you need it to. Recently I have had to make use of the maternity pay feature and it has been great. You just put the dates in and the computer does it all for you.

“You don’t have to think about new issues. The updates do that for you automatically. We used to get a disc and put it in but now that updates are available to download, it’s even slicker.

“I think one of the main benefits of it is that it allows a GP practice to retain the skill of payroll. For some people these days the thought of doing a payroll is quite daunting and they outsource it. We don’t need to do that with this package. It’s very simple.
“IRIS GP Payroll is an ongoing, developing package. It can adapt itself to any new issues that arise. I wouldn’t change it.”