Newbattle Medical Centre

Newbattle Medical Centre is a large and busy practice located in Mayfield in Scotland.
The surgery, which has around 14,000 patients, provides a comprehensive medical service to all of its patients. It has an on-site pharmacy run by a well known high street company.  And it is also a successful training practice with a full time registrar attached each year as well as other foundation year medical graduates.

With nine partner GPs, 22 administrative staff, a practice nurse, assistant practice nurse and treatment nurse, along with two phlebotomists it is vital that the practice runs as smoothly as possible.

Finance Adminstrator Sandra McCulloch understands the pressures of a large practice. She uses IRIS GP Payroll and says it is perfect for a thriving practice like Newbattle Medical Centre.

She explained: “Before we introduced IRIS GP Payroll here I did everything by hand. And although it was quite relaxing to do and nice to see it all set out, it would take two or three days to do something that can now be done at the touch of a button.

“I knew that when we first opted for an IRIS GP Payroll that it had been set up originally by doctors so I knew the system would have a great appreciation of what we needed it to do. Now I know it was absolutely the right product to choose.

“I’m not particularly computer minded so setting it up was a bit of a learning curve but in the end it proved very easy to pick up. To change from doing everything manually to just pressing a button was such a treat. It saves me so much time. It takes me about an hour to run a payroll. It probably takes longer for me to sort out all the payslips than it actually does to run it through!

“IRIS GP Payroll is very user friendly. If I need to recalculate anything I can do it. Also if any adjustment needs to be made I can do it straight away without having to wade through loads of information. If I need to print anything out, I press a button, find what I need and then it’s done. And apart from a couple of teething problems the first time I did it, the link to the HMRC at the end of the financial year works brilliantly too.

“I find that the whole IRIS GP Payroll system is excellent. It is very user friendly even if you are not a computer minded person and I would absolutely recommend it to anybody.”