Pascal Canelle Case Study

This case study comes from Company Director and main shareholder of Pascal Canelle, Dominic Pascal. Pascal Canelle & Co Ltd. are a family-run accountancy firm based in Epsom, Surrey. The firm have been providing accounting, payroll, taxation and bookkeeping services to clients since first opening in 1981.

IRIS Remote Payroll Entry is a revolutionary new way for accountants and payroll bureaus to collect payroll data from their clients. The software works with IRIS Payroll for Accountants to put the emphasis on data submission back onto your clients, meaning you spend less time chasing spreadsheets, and more time running your practice. We spoke with Dominic to see what he makes of IRIS Remote Payroll Entry and how it’s helping his business operate.The main objective of IRIS Remote Payroll Entry is to save accountants and bureaus time and effort when running payroll for clients. We asked Dominic if he has noticed a time saving benefit since he’s been using the software, he told us “the software saves us up to an hour per client per payroll run.

“Both IRIS Payroll for Accountants and IRIS Remote Payroll Entry work very well together. IRIS Payroll for Accountants suits us and our needs to help us meet our payroll challenges.”