Robert Drake impressed with ParentMail’s training and support

Previously using a different system to communicate with parents, Robert Drake Primary School has started using ParentMail’s latest platform, PMX and can’t believe how easy it is to use!

Office administrator Jan Young, told us, “The training was fantastic – clear, helpful and informative. The system is a huge improvement on what we were using previously and our staff are very comfortable with it.”

However, remembering everything you are told during a training session isn’t always easy, which is why ParentMail uses interactive guided tours to help users through processes such as sending an email, removing leavers or creating a new group from start to finish.

Jan said, “The guided tours are so helpful, they answers any and all the questions I may have and allow me to complete tasks I’m unsure about quickly.”

“It’s also great for members of staff who couldn’t attend the training – they can simply play the guided tours for whatever they’re trying to do and then get on and do it – simple!”

A benefit of the guided tours is that users can complete tasks whilst being shown how to do it – saving them a huge amount of time. Guided tours can be replayed at any time, which means if users forget how to do something, they can easily remind themselves by playing it over and over again.

The guided tours are just one example of the comprehensive support ParentMail provides its customers. For users needing help with their account, there are new and improved help sites, guided tours and training videos – and if all that wasn't enough, a brand new live chat system which will be available for schools very soon.

If you’d like a school-to-parent communications system that’s easy for staff and parents to use, with a range of Support available, contact us today or book a free demonstration.