Royds Withy King

Royds Withy King is an international legal firm founded in 1873, that prides itself on being ahead of the curve in delivering pragmatic and proactive advice to support their growing business and personal client base. Their aim is to create lasting relationships, providing long-term value and professionalism, with a personal touch. As a top 100 law firm, Royds Withy King has over 65 partners and 470 employees nationwide.


Royds Withy King was in the market for a new provider to address existing challenges surrounding manual workload, complicated workflows, and limited training services. With a growing team, Royds Withy King needed a system tailored to their individual needs, with seamless integration with their HR provider IRIS Cascade, alongside greater access to support, to maximise the potential of their system, from automation to bespoke workflows and reporting.


With a tight implementation turnaround, the IRIS networx Implementations Team supported Royds Withy King to move across to a tailored networx solution, seamlessly integrating with their IRIS Cascade HR software. The direct integration not only streamlines the process for Royds Withy King, but has improved efficiencies, reduced the manual workload and improved the accuracy throughout the recruitment process, feeding into the HR system.

IRIS networx worked with Royds Withy King to ensure all questions were responded to in a timely manner and that open communication lines were established early on. This ensured a smooth transition and limited any delays with such a short turnaround project. As part of this, the Implementations Team utilised our bespoke project management tool to showcase progress, set milestones and deliver the support and training required so that Royds Withy King could have total confidence and peace of mind in the project delivery being met and their team having the knowledge to utilise the software from the get-go.

The modular nature of the IRIS networx software played to the needs of Royds Withy King, with the intuitive dashboards and ease of use meaning the entire team could easily adapt to using their new system, once live. Further, the introduction of onboarding and reporting, removed repetitive tasks, enabling the team to concentrate on more important tasks with regard to live and upcoming recruitment initiatives.

Client Comment

“From our experience so far, IRIS networx are already head and shoulders above our experience with previous systems. We have been really impressed with the speed and firm commitment of delivery, alongside great in-house training and support functions. Communication has been brilliant!

One thing that really stood out for us, was how personable everybody in the business has been. The interaction, responsiveness and overall desire to get to know us as a business and what we need has made for not only a seamless experience moving across to IRIS networx, but an enjoyable one too.  It is very rare the culture is so transparent and transcends across all the individual client touchpoints, but we have had a great experience with IRIS networx.

We are incredibly happy to be partnering and working towards the next milestones with IRIS networx. Their dedication and commitment so far mean I have no doubt they will honour their word and our system will continue to successfully evolve alongside our business growth.”

Chris Watling, Talent Acquisition Manager

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