Shorthouse & Martin

Based in Basingstoke, the practice includes ten qualified fee earners supported by four support staff. The team provides financial and business services to more than 2,000 companies including many foreign businesses looking to establish operations in the UK.

Change that improves

In order to ensure the delivery of quality and value to its customers, Shorthouse & Martin sets exceptionally high standards for its team while it invests in new technologies that drive efficiencies across the business. Les Shorthouse, one of the founding directors, explains, “If we see an opportunity to improve the way we work, without sacrificing quality, then we’ll embrace it. At the same time, we’re extremely careful how we bring in new staff.” He cites the firm’s early adoption of IRIS practice software in 1989 as an example of this approach to improving business processes. “It was then, and remains today, a revolutionary application for the industry. Because IRIS could automate so many of our existing processes it quickly made our business much more efficient. We were able to share these efficiencies with our clients through more competitive rates and an even better service.”