Slaithwaite Health Centre

This case study takes a look at how IRIS Fully Managed Payroll and IRIS OpenPayslips helped Slaithwaite Health Centre eliminate their payroll burden so they could refocus their time on other business-critical tasks.

Slaithwaite Health Centre opened in 1981 and currently has 17 employees on its monthly payroll, all of which have varying working hours.

After undergoing a recent refurbishment to ensure the team can offer a comprehensive range of services to local residents, the surgery has reported a rapid increase in its practice population, almost doubling the number of registered patients.

When Slaithwaite’s Business and Finance Manager Julie Raper was solely managing payroll in her previous role, it required significantly more human intervention.

But since moving to the IRIS Fully Managed Payroll service, some of the key benefits have been the time savings and peace of mind that every payroll will be compliant and correct.

“IRIS Fully Managed Payroll certainly saves me a lot of time because I no longer have to keep up with changes to payroll processes and legislation. This means I can focus on other areas of my job,” Julie Raper, Business and Finance Manager, Slaithwaite Health Centre