Stones Accountancy

Using IRIS OpenResourcing frees Stones Accountancy to add value to client businesses.

Stones Accountancy Limited was incorporated in May 2006 when Peter O’Donnell bought an existing practice. A qualified Chartered Accountant of many years’ experience, Peter had joined the Maidstone practice nearly four years before. Stones Accountancy Limited weathered the recession that was to hit shortly afterwards, and today serves a broad base of owner managed businesses and freelance clients, from quantity surveyors to solicitors’ practices.

Stones Accountancy Limited was incorporated in May 2006 when Peter O’Donnell bought an existing practice. A qualified Chartered Accountant of many years’ experience, Peter had joined the Maidstone practice nearly four years before.  Stones Accountancy Limited weathered the recession that was to hit shortly afterwards, and today serves a broad base of owner-managed businesses and freelance clients, from quantity surveyors to solicitors’ practices.

IRIS Accountancy Suite software is an integral part of Peter’s practice and it was the good relationship with IRIS Software Group, as well as difficulties in taking on a trainee, that prompted him to consider the possibility of using the IRIS OpenResourcing outsourcing service.

“I’ve now used the service for a year or so. I’m not afraid to take on more work, knowing I can confidently delegate it to IRIS OpenResourcing."