Sturminster Newton Medical Centre

Sturminster Newton Medical Centre and Marnhull Surgery are part of a busy practice based in rural Dorset.

The surgery serves around 8,500 patients from two purpose built premises across the two sites.

The training practice boasts five GP partners, two salaried GPs, a registrar and 21 other full and part time staff.

Kay Doak is the practice’s finance officer. She uses IRIS GP Payroll and IRIS GP Accounts and finds them both perfect for a medium sized surgery. She particularly likes the way one package works hand in hand with the other which helps with the smooth day to day running of the busy practice.

She explained: “I like IRIS GP Payroll most of all for its ease of use. It is very straightforward and simple. You don’t have lots of aspects to it that you don’t need or wouldn’t use. Once I have done all the groundwork and entered things like overtime, it only takes minutes to run a payroll.

“The software was obviously written by GPs for GPs. It appreciates all the little nuances of the NHS which an ordinary payroll programme wouldn’t do. If you make a mistake it is really easy to go back and amend it. And also if you need information from a previous payroll you can just find it straight away.

“I like IRIS GP Accounts too for the same sort of reasons. Its ease of use, its time saving qualities and the fact that the reports that come from it are easy to run and then easy to read. Everything is very clear. Both systems interact together too so it is very useful to have them running side by side.

“The support you get from IRIS is just brilliant. I have emailed for help and rang them in the past. They are friendly but professional. They never make you feel stupid when you ask a question. They are very patient and everything is dealt with really quickly. Nothing is too much trouble.

“I would certainly recommend either IRIS GP Payroll or IRIS GP Accounts. They were made by doctors for doctors and that is why they are perfect for any practice. They are clear and easy to use and I am very pleased with them.”