Susan Christian Accountancy

Susan Christian is a successful freelance accountant based in Hampton in Middlesex.

She started her business 25 years ago and in that time has worked with a number of companies. At one time she ran the payroll for nine companies at the same time, the largest of which had up to 20 employees.

She has now shrunk her business and runs four monthly payrolls but she still uses IRIS PAYE-Master because of its reliability and because it consistently remains competitive on price.

She explained: “I have stuck with IRIS PAYE-Master because honestly it does everything I need it to do. I never have a problem with it. In the early days when I first started to use it, it was very reasonable in price and that is still the case today.

“IRIS PAYE-Master is instinctive. It knows what you need and it just does it. My payrolls are not complicated. They involve paying everyone the same each month but I know if I had any variations to make, it would still be simple stuff.  It is so easy to use you don’t ever need to read the manual.

“The year end is easy because of the backup system. If you need to track something back to a previous month it is easy to find. Nothing is a problem with the IRIS payroll software.

“Its ease of use is one of the greatest benefits you can have. If it wasn’t so easy and quick to use I would not have the time to do it and would have had to look at outsourcing that aspect of my work to a payroll bureau. IRIS PAYE-Master reports are good as they are set out exactly as they would be needed.

“I had to contact the helpline once about something and they dealt with my query immediately and found the information I needed straight away. I can’t fault them.

“I would wholeheartedly recommend IRIS to anyone.”