Switchtec Ltd

Switchtec Ltd is a leading edge specialist supplier of electrical and electronic components. The Stone-based company operates as a UK franchisee for a host of worldwide manufacturers, including Euroclamp, Sirena and Telergon.

For around 25 years Switchtec has been providing a first class service to its UK wide customer base. Its broad range of quality goods includes everything from small relays and starters to PC connectors and sensors.

Prompt delivery of goods and a first class service are one of the many reasons customers return time and time again to Switchtec. So its 12 full time staff must ensure that the company operates as efficiently as possible to keep everything running smoothly.

Payroll Manager Chris Pountain uses IRIS PAYE-Master. He believes it is the best solution for an SME like Switchtec.

He explained: “I inherited IRIS PAYE-Master when I got here some years ago but I’ve not had any problems with it which would make me consider changing it. The system is easy to handle and very easy to use.

“It is very quick. You put in your figures and unless you have anything to make it more complicated, like sick pay or maternity pay, you just press a button and it is done. Everything is very user friendly. You don’t have to be really technical to operate it.

“I particularly like the fact that it is so user friendly when it comes to doing everything online. It all seems fairly easy to operate. I am coping reasonably well with it all. And if there is ever a problem, I know I can call the helpline. I find them very good. All of the staff there put themselves out to sort out a problem for you and it is good to know that you have that support when it is needed.

“IRIS PAYE-Master definitely suits our needs and I would certainly consider recommending it to anyone else who was looking for something similar.”