Synergee Limited

Synergee Limited, a progressive practice of chartered accountants and business advisers based in Tunbridge Wells, was formed in July 2007, when chartered accountants Darren Austin and Matthew Allen bought themselves out of an established practice.

A partner for growth

IRIS OpenResourcing from IRIS Accountancy Solutions has provided valuable support to the two business partners as they have built their practice. Darren Austin explains, “We outsource the majority of our accounts production work. On opening the practice, we started with 100 hours a month, expanding to 150 hours a couple of years ago, and reaching 200 hours a month last year.”

Nearly five years on, the practice has a thriving client base of limited companies, partnerships and sole traders. Matthew Allen adds, “We don’t make any secret of the fact that we outsource our number-crunching work and our clients seem perfectly happy with this arrangement.” Although outsourcing is sometimes criticised for taking UK jobs, Synergee has grown its in-house team. Darren says, “The difference is that we’ve been able to grow our team at the top end. We’ve taken on two full-time certified accountants who bring great value to our clients, with a third about to join us. Accounting outsourcing frees us from the need to recruit the next level down.”