Accountancy firm puts hybrid working at the heart of its practice

Hybrid working has changed our worlds; gone are the days of a long journey to and from work each day, sitting in traffic or waiting for public transport to get us into the office.

Since 2019, working from home or working away from the office has become more widely accepted, removing the commute, giving people a better work-life balance, and seeing improvements in the way we work, day to day.

In an industry like accountancy, where working from a desktop and meeting clients face to face is standard, these changes over the last few years have relied heavily on technology to support, and as a result, some were able to thrive, whilst others had to play catch up - and quick.

With the nation forced to work from home, it was an opportunity to see the benefits of a complete cloud-hosting solution, allowing accountants to work securely and successfully, from anywhere.

IRIS, anywhere

Based in the heart of middle England, tgfp relies on 60 colleagues to add value to its extensive range of clients. With an evolved way of working, based on a 15-year IRIS partnership, tgfp turned to IRIS to support team members in a hybrid working approach; whether at home or in the office.

Ben Reynolds, Partner at tgfp, told us, “Being able to securely work from anywhere, whether it’s on a desktop, a laptop, or on our mobile phones is vital in today’s digital world. The ability to do so has greatly improved our meetings with clients because we have all the information we need right at our fingertips.

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Removing the Burden of Managing Devices

“With IRIS Anywhere we have the same setup whether we’re at our desk or out with a client, so whether it’s a face-to-face meeting or a screen share, there’s continuity. Our meetings can now be fluid and where once we would have had to take questions away and go back to the client days later, we can now often respond there and then, with everything we need available from our devices. The service we offer as a result is far improved.”

Ac-Counting on IRIS

With IRIS Anywhere, you receive the cloud support services your business needs to stay connected, maintain control, and be secure in the cloud-based world in which it operates. All with the peace of mind that your business is secure, productive, and cost-effective.

Ben explains, “Having a reliable platform behind you is so important. If our systems go down, that’s lost time, and money out of our pocket, so knowing we have secure and reliable technology in place is a huge weight off our mind.”

Ben Reynolds, Partner at tgfp
Ben Reynolds, Partner at tgfp

Protecting your organisation and vital client data against advanced threats from cybercrime, including phishing attacks, malware, and data thieves is also a growing concern for businesses across the UK. Ben says, “Having the confidence and peace of mind knowing our company devices are being managed and protected by IRIS is priceless. Multi-factor authentication has given us an extra level of security and the privacy and security controls built into the platform make us feel protected.”

With a workforce who now expects to be able to work from anywhere and with customers who expect instant results, there must be technology in place to support your practice day to day.

Ben concludes, “IRIS offers us a complete solution for working securely and successfully from anywhere, with innovative software and a team who support us when we need it. That’s why we’ve been using IRIS software for over 15 years and will continue to do so. I highly recommend both the tech and the team to any other accountants in the UK who want to ensure business continuity and effective remote working.”

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