The Albertville Surgery

THE Albertville Surgery is a popular practice based in the heart of north Belfast.

The surgery, which serves around 3,000 patients, was established in 1920 and moved to its current location in 1999.

The all female staff includes two GPS, two practice nurses, a reception manager, three administrative staff and practice manager Marian Williams. The surgery prides itself on its staff having the necessary skills and experience to run an efficient and friendly surgery.

Practice Manager Marian Williams is responsible for ensuring the surgery runs as smoothly as possible. She uses IRIS GP Payroll and IRIS GP Accounts to aid her in her task. She believes both packages are perfect for a small but busy practice like Albertville Surgery.

She explained: “IRIS has just got it right. I didn’t come from an accounts background but I found IRIS GP Payroll very easy to pick up and run with. In a day I had learnt what I needed to be able to operate it. The software is so simple – an idiot’s guide to a payroll really. It is just amazing. Everything is very self explanatory which means you can do what you need to do quickly and efficiently.

“One of its most useful features is the backup system so you know if you make a mistake or you need to change something, it is all there. And you have the peace of mind of knowing that if you don’t know how to do something there will always be a solution. I had a query over payment of sick leave. I had no idea how to deal with the payroll issues it threw up, but I did not need to worry because IRIS has a button which did the job for me. 

“IRIS GP Accounts is also great. I had worried myself about the end of the year the first time I completed it online. And from the January I was getting myself all psyched up for it. But it was so easy. It all went so smoothly in the end that I couldn’t believe it and thought I might have done something wrong!

“The staff at IRIS are always very helpful and never treat you like you are an idiot when you ring. They are very professional at all times but also very friendly and you know that whatever you ask them, it will be sorted out.

“I have already recommended IRIS products to two friends who both now use it. I cannot speak of it highly enough.”