The New Surgery

The New Surgery is a large and busy doctors’ practice in Folkstone in Kent.
The surgery has four full time partners as well as two salaried GPs, three nurses, two healthcare assistants who also fulfil an administrative role and 14 other administrative staff.

The thriving practice has around 9,600 patients on its books and doctors are often faced with some challenging medical queries.

The New Surgery is also a training practice and welcomes GP registrars keen to extend their learning and understanding of general practice.

Practice Manager Sue Chandler uses IRIS GP Payroll. She likes the versatility of the software and the time it can save in completing the monthly salaries.

She said: “When I came here in 2000 the practice was using another well known payroll software but I didn’t feel it suited the individual needs of a doctors’ practice. IRIS GP Payroll understands the complications of working the way we do. It is very GP orientated and is tailor made for our needs.

“I find IRIS GP Payroll very quick. If it is a straight forward payroll I can have it done in minutes. If  I have deductions to make or things to add in it takes longer but it’s still very simple. We are a training practice and there are many complications to a registrar’s pay but IRIS can help to get everything  worked out.

“It is also very flexible. I have two members of staff who have two different roles – as healthcare assistants and as administrative staff. They have a different rate of pay for each job they do and I can work all that out easily with IRIS. Statutory Sick Pay and Statutory Maternity Pay are also very easy to calculate.

“Being able to find information straightaway is one of IRIS’s greatest strengths. If you are making a calculation and need to go back into a previous year to locate a figure, it is simple. I think IRIS understands exactly what a practice needs it to do and it does it.
“The support you get is excellent. I really feel they take on board any suggestions you make to them too. I have had to ring the helpline for some clarification on maternity pay before and they addressed my query straightaway.

“I would not hesitate to recommend IRIS GP Payroll to anyone who asked.”