Total Labour Solutions

Total Labour Solutions is a well established employment agency situated in Haddington in East Lothian.

The labour provider supplies workers to the agricultural and food related industries.

With five full time staff and between 80 and 160 workers on its books, Total Labour Solutions prides itself on meeting the highest standards in the treatment of its staff.

The company works hard to match the needs of both its casual workers and those businesses that that it supplies. Since the agency was set up in 1979, it has established a strong reputation for being reliable and dependable in the agricultural and food processing industry.

Payroll for an employment agency which places casual workers, can prove a big headache. But for Tracy Reynolds, Total Labour Solutions’ Office Manager, IRIS Payroll Professional is the perfect solution. She explains why the software makes the job of payroll a lot simpler.

“I had used IRIS PAYE Master in a previous job and when I came here it was decided to use the IRIS package here. We use IRIS Payroll Professional because it is better for this business. With the large number of workers we deal with, we find it is a better package. It holds all the right information we need and it suits the needs of our company.

“I like that it is very user friendly. It is straightforward and having so many workers on our books means that payroll is our priority. It is a major part of what we do. They all work different hours and at different rates so you need to make sure you get it right. IRIS Payroll Professional gives me that confidence.

“I used to have to do all the holiday pay manually, on spreadsheets week by week. It was so time time consuming. Now it is so much quicker. IRIS hits the spot.

“We had a few teething problems at the beginning but once those were ironed out I haven’t had any great problems with it. And when you talk to IRIS you have the confidence of knowing they are paying attention and that they will act on any concerns or suggestions you have to make a better product. IRIS is getting better and better all the time. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.”