WANdisco Case Study

This case study comes from Darren Mullen, Global Finance Manager at WANdisco. The company, jointly headquartered in the UK and US, has been using the IRIS Managed Payroll Service to manage both payroll and payslip distribution for their 80 UK-based employees since the beginning of 2016.

We spoke with Darren to find out the reasons why he made the decision to outsource over to IRIS, and what he’s made of it so far.


WANdisco have trust in IRIS to run and manage their payroll with a fully outsourced service.

Outsourcing payroll, outsourcing hassle

Businesses may choose to outsource their payroll for a variety of reasons, with cost, time commitments or admin being the most common reasons.

For WANdisco, Darren explained that the main reason actually stemmed from control. He told us that “the main reason why we decided to outsource was around control and the ability to quickly pull a report on exactly what management need, easily and hassle-free. I feel in control of the payroll now.”


The main question to Darren was, after outsourcing WANdisco’s payroll to IRIS earlier this year, would he recommend it to other businesses?

He responded “Yes, I definitely would recommend outsourcing with IRIS, I have no reason not to. The service we’ve had in the past from IRIS has been great."