A guide to help your rotas and timesheets ‘shift’ up a gear 

The essence of a happy life is good timing. It’s the same in business as it is in everything else. 

That’s why many organisations, like hotels, factories, shops and hospitals, thrive on good rotas. 

But even then, they might suffer major compliance setbacks if they fail to implement a good way of organising and tracking shifts using a timesheet. 

At IRIS, our HR professionals have helped us put together a guide on this very subject. It has everything you need to know regarding rota and timesheet effectiveness. 

It examines: 

  • The big pitfalls of poor rotas and badly set-up timekeeping 
  • Important things to understand when scheduling a team 
  • How you can take the data from rotas and timesheets and use them to drive workforce planning 

And the best thing about this guide on rotas and timesheets? It’s completely FREE. 

So don’t hesitate to get this important resource for your business. Fill out the form, download the guide, and keep it on hand as you organise your teams to deliver success.