Accountancy: Unlock Your Power

Accountancy unlock your power guide cover

Accountancy firms in the UK are currently facing a wide range of challenges. For example, staffing shortages are a key stressor for many, and some are reporting talent retention can be as difficult as talent recruitment.

On top of this, many are struggling to fully embrace the hybrid working environment, and the cost-of-living crisis is putting pressure on firms’ profitability. But while there are numerous difficulties, there are also ways through the current situation. After all, accounting survived the turmoil of COVID-19 well. If firms make good decisions now, both profitability and production levels can increase, and firms will be back on their way.

At IRIS, we spoke to 35 of the UK’s top firms about the challenges and opportunities they’re facing. Download our insight guide to uncover the main stressors and many of the solutions to unlock your power to adapt.