Anti-Money Laundering for Accountants - Protecting Your Firm Against Dirty Money

There is a realistic possibility that the scale of money laundering impacting the UK annually is hundreds of billions of pounds.  

Consequently, it’s no surprise numerous firms within the accountancy and professional services domain have seen an increased level of regulatory examination regarding their Anti-Money Laundering (AML) procedures. 

This poses the questions: do you want to better understand Anti-Money Laundering? Are you looking to uncover client warning signs? Are you Keen to improve your AML processes? ​ 

Look no further.​ 

​Our handy guide breaks down everything you need to know about AML, offering a one-stop-shop resource which answers:​ 

  • What are money laundering and AML?​ 
  • What does AML mean for accountants?​ 
  • Who does AML apply to?​ 
  • What are the client warning signs?​ 
  • What software can help with AML?​ 
  • And more!​ 

So, pick up your free guide now and eliminate the stress of AML!