The General Practice Manager’s Guide to Convincing Your Partners It’s Time to Outsource Your Payroll

Payroll is complex, and keeping on top of changing legislation can be a challenge, especially for General Practice Managers – you have so many other responsibilities to keep your Practice running smoothly.

Outsourced payroll services can be an incredibly useful tool for busy Practice Managers, helping them to balance their workload while ensuring they get their payroll right, first time, every time. This guide provides useful insight and advice about the benefits of outsourcing payroll for Practice Managers, so you have all the information you need to build a business case to present to your partners.

Your Free Guide to Outsourced Payroll for General Practice Managers

The guide covers:

Comprehensive advice on building a business case for outsourcing your Practice’s payroll. An excellent introduction for any General Practice Manager looking for support in juggling their payroll and their other Practice operations, and considering an outsourced payroll service.

Why Choose IRIS?

The IRIS Fully Managed Payroll service is built on over 40 years of industry expertise, and particularly on experience working with General Practices all across the UK, providing comprehensive in-house software solutions, as well as classroom-based and online training courses to ensure legislative compliance and confidence with running payroll.

The IRIS Fully Managed Payroll service for General Practice Managers has an outstanding 99.9% accuracy rating. Over 600 UK General Practices trust us to handle their payroll, so why not join them?