The Economy of Connection

What could increased connection mean for your business?

As our new whitepaper with Professor Stephen Perkins, Emeritus Professor at London Metropolitan University, explores, it means more empathy, better performance and higher productivity – for organisations of all sizes. It means teams across the business pulling together and working towards the same goal. And it means collaboration, trust and loyalty. As Professor Perkins says: “It’s this connectedness that is most likely to advance the organisation.”

So – how can you achieve this? You do it by empowering HR teams to do the work that makes a real difference to their business. Using the right tech tools to take manual admin off their plates, enabling them to focus on value-adding activity. And by combining data and tech with old-fashioned conversation.

Read our new whitepaper to explore:

  • The importance of connection across the business
  • How to empower HR teams to build and strengthen these connections
  • The difference connection can make to performance