Ensure busy season ticks all the boxes with our accountancy checklist 

Without structure, it’s easy to become unstuck. 

That’s why we build a lot of our software around carefully tailored checklists – whether that’s to help you organise your team or chase information during an AML check.

So, to help you make busy season your season, we’ve taken a similar approach. Whatever the workload you’re currently facing, we have the tick-box sense check for you! 

Manage mindset and pinpoint best practice  

Our Busy Season Checklist for FY24 is split into three phases to ensure every plan you draw up has great timing. 

Check you’re on track during: 

  • Early busy season, when you have a chance to make some important changes – before things get difficult. 
  • Mid busy season, when you have to act fast and know what solutions are immediately within your reach. 
  • Post busy season, when you can make big plans and turn the tables on these tough months next time around. 

Get your free, quick reference resource 

Taken from our Making busy season your season guide, you can check what matters now

And because it’s built around all phases of busy season, you can refer back to it when new challenges appear – deciding on smart, timely solutions for you and your team.