A Guide to Navigating the stormy waters of exam season with EdTech 

Public examinations have always brought with them an enormous amount of stress for students and staff alike. 

However, despite exams somewhat returning to a level of normality, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NCPCC) reported counselling sessions about exam stress remain 10% higher than pre-pandemic levels, delivering almost 2,000 counselling sessions about exam stress last year. 

Although, it isn’t only students suffering. 

Studies found that 68% of staff cite the volume of workload as the main reason for thinking about leaving their jobs – an issue intensified during exam season.  

But what if exams didn’t have to be stressful each year?  

Read our free guide to improving examination administration, with insights like:  

  • Strategies to reduce on-the-day exam pressures  
  • Reducing staff workload around exams  
  • Reducing anxiety by improving communication  
  • Software-based strategies to reduce exam time stress