The guide that makes busy season your season 

Plenty of people will give you advice – saying what they think will help you during busy season. 

But at IRIS, we’ve lived it.

About 500 of us are finance professionals. When we’re talking to clients and customers, it doesn’t take much to imagine what you’re dealing with – busy season sticks in our memory. 

Busy season’s both personal and professional; when it’s at its worst, it takes you away from your loved ones and stops you from adding value to your business. 

A guide like no other 

During busy season, time is gold dust to accountants. Timing is how you get it back. 

Our guide is about putting the right changes in place at the right moment. We’ve got tips and solutions, but we’ve made sure you know when it’s right to put them in place. 

We look at: 

  • Early busy season, when you have a chance to make some important changes – before things get difficult. 
  • Mid busy season, when you have to act fast and know what solutions are immediately within your reach. 
  • Post busy season, when you can make big plans and turn the tables on these tough months next time around. 

Your busy season guide is FREE and built to last 

Because of how we’ve put together the new busy season guide, you can skip to what matters right now. Then, you can save it to research solutions in the months ahead and tap into effective, timely strategies. 

It has tips on coping with clients, working as a team, planning, and setting out the right service and software infrastructure to support you. 

So, pick up your free guide now.