The IRIS Guide to Payroll Year End 2020

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Payroll year end is quickly approaching, but don’t panic!

Whether it’s your first payroll year end or you’re simply looking to make 2020 easier, we’re here to help.

By putting together a plan and preparing earlier, you can ensure you and your payroll team are ready.

We’ve created The IRIS Guide to Payroll Year End 2020 to support you through the process and make the year end as smooth as possible.

Our guide ensures you’re ready, compliant and most importantly have peace of mind.

The FREE Guide to Payroll Year End 2020 covers:

  • The essential facts
  • Legislative changes
  • Processing your final pay run
  • Troubleshooting
  • Issuing a P60

…and more!

Make sure you’re ready, download the FREE guide today!