Charity Payroll

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IRIS has a solution tailored to your sector, making every penny count

We understand you need to be as efficient and cost-effective as possible, so you can support the complexities of paying temporary contract workers, non-UK workers and commission-based fundraisers. At IRIS, our solutions are designed specifically to automate and optimise payroll processes, reducing the time and resources required to run this critical aspect of your charity, enabling you to focus on your existing responsibilities.

The Challenges

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Varied employees

Charities have to manage large numbers of smaller employee payments, high staff turnover, temporary contract workers, some non-UK workers, and commission-based fundraisers.

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Changing legislation

Payroll legislation is constantly evolving and growing increasingly complex, meaning charities require a highly capable payroll team.

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Existing responsibilities

More often than not the professionals managing payroll within a not-for-profit organisation already have existing responsibilities.

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Increased costs

Payroll has a variety of additional costs that most not-for-profit organisations aren’t expecting, from printing and posting payslips to additional legislative training.

Payroll tailored to Charities

Whether you’re looking to cut costs, manage a large number of smaller employee payments or keep on top of the latest legislation, we have a payroll solution to meet your needs.

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