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Payroll tailored to the retail industry | Retail Payroll

No matter how many stores or employees you have, IRIS has a solution to meet your needs.

In the fast-moving retail market, it’s vital that you have a payroll provider that can support the complexities of zero-hour contracts, high staff turnover and various shift patterns. Our solutions are designed specifically to support the complicated requirements of your business whether you have one store or multiple sites across the country. By offering professionals flexible and compliant payroll solutions, you can reduce the resources required to run your payroll, saving you time and costs.

The Challenges

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Multiple sites

Managing the payroll for various employees across one or several sites is extremely time-consuming and labour intensive.

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Zero-hour contracts

Zero-hour contracts and complex shift patterns create and extra level of complexity for those managing your payroll.

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Ever-changing headcount

The retail industry is notorious for its headcount always changing, creating challenges every month for those managing payroll.

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Legislative changes

Payroll legislation such as Holiday Pay and IR35 are constantly being introduced and reworked, adding greater pressure on your payroll to remain compliant.

Payroll tailored to the retail industry

Our payroll solutions are perfect for the retail industry, whether you have one store or locations across the country, we have a solution to meet your needs.

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