Cloud-based financial management for international school groups

The IRIS Financials suite has been designed to manage the complex needs of international school groups. Your data is updated instantaneously across every location in the group, so all your school sites are always on the same page. 

  • Unified ledger structure that’s automatically consolidated 
  • Multi-currency and multi-location functionality 
  • Proven track record with the UK education sector 

Introducing unified ledger technology

Perfect for school groups

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One single ledger 

All your financial data in one place, no matter how many locations and currencies you operate in.

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Detailed analysis

Unlimited data drill-down and detailed, accurate reports that support complex decision-making.

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Instant reconciliation

All transactions are automatically reconciled, regardless of how many different currencies you use.

A driving force in the UK market.
Trusted in 58 countries worldwide.


Individual schools 


School groups 


of large UK school groups 

Complete school management solutions

Revolutionise your school group’s administration.
Automate low-value tasks and enjoy a comprehensive overview of all your critical data.

PS People

Centralise control of all your HR functions, processes and employee data across your group. 

  • Group-wide staff reports 
  • Automated workflows 
  • Improved staff engagement 

IRIS Assets 

Take control of your group’s assets, track compliance and reduce maintenance costs. 

  • Simplified asset management 
  • User-friendly system 
  • Ensure compliance  

IRIS Analytics

Combine and analyse group-wide data and build reports that last with live data. 

  • Simple, intuitive group reporting 
  • Reports last forever with live data 
  • Work collaboratively 

ESOL Education rely on IRIS Financials’ management suite 

They were looking for a way to streamline their financial process, human resources and asset management for all their international schools throughout Asia. 

With the IRIS Financials suite, they have a complete overview of their schools across multiple countries. They benefit from powerful consolidated reporting and automate their low-value back office tasks. 

  • Complete group-wide school management 
  • Automation of low-value tasks 
  • Granular reporting at group level 
ESOL Education rely on PS Financials’ management suite | Cloud-based financial management for international school groups


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