IRIS HR Marketplace Showcase

We understand that HR is not just about software; it’s about solutions. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce you to our extended family of trusted partners. Join us for a week of insightful webinars where you’ll explore how our ecosystem of leading providers, alongside our HR solutions, can support your business at every stage of the employee lifecycle.

Each day, we’ll feature a different partner, each excelling in a unique aspect of HR management. Whether it’s recruitment, workforce management, or employee engagement, our partners have got it covered.

At IRIS, we believe in providing you with the most comprehensive HR solutions possible. We’re proud to have cultivated a network of outstanding partners who share our vision. Join us for the IRIS Marketplace Week and unlock the full potential of your HR function.

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Superpower Your Workforce: Smarter Hiring for Growth

Facing hiring challenges? Committed to diversity and upskilling? Eager to upskill and retain your existing teams effectively? 

Superpower has the answer. Our platform streamlines hiring, delivering diverse, skilled candidates in just 72 hours, with a 3% success fee. Access upskilling resources for your team. 

Join our session to transform recruitment and development efforts. 

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Addressing Business Challenges Through Data-Driven Workforce Management

Your workforce is vital for business success, influencing customer satisfaction & profits. To ensure success, it’s crucial to address challenges like understaffing & working conditions, Rotageek will address staffing challenges & help you to: 

  • Maximise employee income 
  • Improve work-life balance for your staff 
  • Equitable allocate shifts to ensure compliance 
  • Gain better insight into labour spending forecasts 
  • Streamline workforce processes through HCM tech innovation 
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Ready for a skills-based HR future?

Join Skills Base founders to explore the global shift towards skills-based HR and help you to discover the value of skills data in talent planning, allocation, development, acquisition, reward, and retention.

In this 30-minute session, you’ll discover how to: 

  • Identify skills
  • Measure skills
  • Act on skill insights


Navigating HR Tech: Gaining Board’s Approval Effortlessly

Roly Walter discusses gaining board approval for performance management with expert insights on crafting a compelling business case linked to organisational goals and ROI, communicating positive impacts to leaders, and addressing objections. Guest speaker, Donna Arbanez, from Natterbox will also share their experiences partnering with Apprais’d for an improved approach to performance management aligned with organisational goals.

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Fair HQ

Empowering UK Businesses: FairHQ’s Data-Driven DEI Solutions

In the ever-evolving business landscape where UK businesses encounter unique DEI challenges, Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DEI) are vital, offering moral, strategic, and regulatory significance.  

Join Fair HQ in unveiling a data-driven solution for SMEs & large enterprises, custom-tailored to address DEI challenges, ensuring compliance with current regulations. Gain insights for your journey. 



Opportunities Enabled through Performance Management

Amid today’s performance management challenges, it’s often seen as a tedious task or a checkbox on a list. However, with a people-centric approach, it transforms into a catalyst for motivation, trust, and growth. 

Join Braxton as they explore how to streamline and take the pain out of performance management. 



People Analytics Made Easy, with Qlearsite

Qlearsite, your HR ally, is here for you when time is short, & answers are needed. Their People Analytics Platform simplifies your HR needs, offering the expertise of a full data-driven HR department in one user-friendly tool. 

CEO, Alex Borekull, will demonstrate how Qlearsite liberates you from spreadsheets, turning data into actionable insights for organisational improvement.  



Boost Business Growth by Maximising Productivity Gains

According to Dr. Kotter, 5% of organisations effectively implement strategic plans. This is impacting UK productivity negatively, causing us to fall behind. Reclaro can help save time & costs from lost productivity annually & grow your business.

In the webinar, Reclaro will discuss three key areas for improvement: 

  • Aligning strategy with daily operations. 
  • Completing projects fully.
  • Implementing the 1-3-5® framework to boost team productivity.


Uncovering the Secrets to a Successful 360-Survey

Running an effective 360 survey is simple with the right plan and tools. It aids in developing people, boosting team performance, retaining talent, and enhancing leadership. Elise Cope, and Miriam Luke, discuss the benefits of a structured, objective approach in 30 minutes, addressing what a 360 survey is, its organizational impact, and ensuring long-term success.