Punchout to Amazon Business

Transform your purchasing journey

At IRIS Education, we focus on making the lives of our customers easier. So, you can spend more time, energy, and budget supporting outcomes for students.

Ordering school supplies is a multi-step and time-consuming process, especially when done at scale in a multi-academy trust. Now, you can bring the Amazon Business catalogue and ordering process within your finance system, cutting out the manual work, saving time and improving the accuracy of ordering.

IRIS Financials’ purchasing module now includes punchout functionality to empower schools and trusts to energise teaching and learning while driving savings back into classroom programs.

Time to review your purchasing processes? Read on for details.

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See how it works

IRIS Financials expert Andy Finck takes you on a quick tour of your all-new purchasing journey.

Why Amazon Business?

Here’s how Amazon Business supports schools and trusts:

You can’t manage what you can’t see. Well, now you can consolidate spend in one place with multiple users on a single account, centralise payments from multiple people and groups into a single view to track and reconcile more easily, and get visibility of your sellers’ ability to provide VAT invoices.

Ensure purchasing follows procurement guidelines at your organisation, empower employees to make the right buying choices through approval workflows, and curate your catalogue to guide employees to approved products.

Reduce costs while ensuring quality and convenience with vast selection and transparency in pricings; Business Prime shipping; Private Brands Program and quantity discounts; and pricing and selection analysis.

Procure on Amazon through frameworks.

Amazon’s Climate Pledges and Buy Local Policies mean that schools and trusts can: discover over 300,000 products with sustainability certifications; guide buyers to preferred products and sellers; proactively measure progress on responsible purchasing goals; and choose from flexible delivery options, reducing emissions.

Driving efficiencies within IRIS Financials

  • Time saving

    Significantly reduce the traditional purchasing journey with pre-populated POs and automatic purchase upon approval – and there’s no need to juggle between multiple windows anymore.

  • Improved accuracy

    By completing your purchasing journey within your finance system, you remove the possibility of keying incorrect item information – especially pricing – which would typically lead to order rejection.

  • Reduced effort

    E-procurement via IRIS Financials eliminates the requirement for catalogue imports and maintenance. Employees will always see the latest pricing, and your lowest price is promised for 7-days.

Get set for success

Punchout to Amazon Business is available within IRIS Financials’ purchasing module. If you’re not already using this module, speak to our team about upgrading.

Adopt punchout for Amazon Business today and get set to make significant time and money savings.

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