IRIS Payroll Customers
upgrading to
Staffology Payroll

What’s happening?

We are reaching out to our customers in advance of their renewal date to explore the opportunity to upgrade to our next generation of payroll, Staffology Payroll. 

We will be sending an email invitation to upgrade to Staffology Payroll closer to your renewal date to explain what is happening and provide all of the information you will need to get started on your move, including useful videos, help guides and FAQs.

Staffology Payroll is HMRC-recognised for Real Time Information (RTI) filing. It is where you will find the very latest in automation to make your workflow easier and reduce your time spent on admin, making your employees and business smile! 

Think of it like any other software update; the product is evolving to keep pace with changes in technology and legislation, and to ensure customers experience the greatest opportunity to improve their productivity and drive greater efficiencies.

Why Staffology Payroll?

  • Scalability: Everything you need to run payroll whether its 50 employees or 5000 employees.  Staffology has the flexibility to grow with your business.
  • Automation and tools: A cloud-based payroll with plenty of features to improve your productivity and automate your processes. We automate almost every part of the payroll run.
    • Automation capabilities include but aren’t limited to auto pilot abilities, payment summaries, payslip distribution, automatic distribution of funds, coding notices and more!
  • Flexibility: Staffology hosts comprehensive APIs for simple integrations with a range of IRIS and 3rd party softwares and tools, allowing you to choose those which suit your specific business needs. This includes accounting softwares, time and attendance, pension providers and HR softwares.
  • Time saving: Allows you to set up your tasks to take care of themselves using functionality such as workflows to suit your organisations structure.
  • No need for tech expertise: Staffology Payroll hosts a user-friendly interface, which you can customise to your business’s specific wants and needs.
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Staffology Features

Staffology hosts a range of features to meet your organisations needs, whether you have a small or larger business.

  • Automation including automatic HMRC coding notices & minimum wage changes

  • CIS & umbrella companies
    as standard

  • Average holiday pay (multiple schemes and included as standard)

  • Integration with 3rd party applications and services

  • Seamless and automated year end process

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How do I upgrade?

We have a comprehensive help centre giving the ins and outs of upgrading, so you can get acquainted in advance of your email invitation.

Remember to wait for your email invitation closer to your renewal date.

Customer Stories

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Customer FAQs

We will be in contact approximately 4 months before your renewal to tell you more about the upgrade and processes.

Not at all, we will be giving customers 3 months on their existing product to migrate their data, which is why we are asking you to wait until you receive your email – so we can set that up for you and guide you through the migration process within plenty of time.

We will be in touch 3-months prior to the renewal date of your current product contract, you’ll be sent a personalised Staffology offer and contract. We run it this way as it makes the process easier for you, but if you have any questions please contact