Drummohr customers set to benefit from new features and functions with IRIS Drummohr Cloud Suite

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Posted: 19th February 2016

IRIS Software is delighted to announce Drummohr Cloud Suite, a new version of Drummohr, exclusively available to existing Drummohr customers.

For several years, IRIS has offered a choice of desktop or cloud for Drummohr customers, but as customer demands have changed and cloud technology has transformed conventional collaboration to foster new ways of working, we’ve decided the time is right to deliver the next version of Drummohr as a cloud only product.

In addition to the current functionality, Drummohr Cloud Suite customers will now be able to work from any location, eliminate time-consuming software installation and updates and improve business resilience and data protection. There is no need to upgrade ever again, which ensures customers are always compliant and can access the latest innovations.

The Drummohr Cloud Suite features make completing tax returns a quick and simple task. They are built to allow accountants to reduce time on completing returns, therefore providing more time to add value to clients.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our dedicated upgrade team on 0344 815 5505 or email v23taskforce@iris.co.uk.