Fiona Barnett and Phill Robinson to run the Virgin London Marathon for Make-A Wish Foundation® UK

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Posted: 7th June 2013

IRIS Community – changing lives through action. Fiona and Phill are joining thousands of people to take on this enormous challenge

On the 21st April 2013 Fiona and Phill will be at the starting line of the Virgin London Marathon, ready to take on this incredible mental and physical challenge. Supported by all of us at IRIS, along with their family and friends the money they raise will go to Make-A-Wish Foundation® UK, the IRIS chosen charity of the year, who give children fighting life-threatening conditions a once-in-a-lifetime experience that they and their family will remember forever. Fiona commented, “I have carried the ambition to run a marathon for many years which is a strange ambition considering I am most definitely not a runner! When IRIS chose the Make-A-Wish Foundation® as our charity this year I saw it as an opportunity to support an amazing organisation, who grant over 1,000 ‘wishes’ each year to children with life threatening illnesses. I am therefore delighted to be running on behalf of a charity which is dedicated to providing a positive distraction for children living with serious illness whose future maybe uncertain.” Phill added to this, “Fiona Barnett and I have agreed (some would say foolishly) to run the Virgin London Marathon this year. This is a challenge for me and we are both putting in many long hours of training – recently in the cold and snow – to make sure we are ready to try to make it to the finish line on April 21st. In this last year we have given our corporate social responsibility a fresh focus, developing programmes to encourage the full engagement and active involvement of all employees across the UK. It really is about changing lives through action through positive actions such as our involvement in the Virgin London Marathon, selecting where we buy our supplies from, providing our customers with environmentally friendly and time saving options (such as software downloads rather than CDs) and supporting the communities around us.” Here are Fiona and Phill’s donation pages if you would like to read their personal messages or show your support: Fiona: Phill: