IRIS launches Accountant Go

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Posted: 1st May 2018

Amid the complexity of digital transformation in the industry, IRIS Accountancy Solutions is today urging accountants to place more emphasis on client experience to remain relevant and competitive in the digital economy.

The UK’s leading accountancy software provider is seeing client expectations shifting and as a result accountancy practices must rejuvenate their client experience as they progress on their digital journey. Digital experiences, such as mobile applications, bring together customer data, digital experience, and personalisation to create an efficient, modern way to manage interactions with clients.

Sion Lewis, CEO at IRIS Accountancy Solutions explains, “An infectious attitude towards creating a powerful client experience can lead a practice towards growth and financial success. Accountants must adopt the right strategy, operational best practices and technology to win, serve and retain clients in this environment.”

This view is supported by Forrester in a recent report highlighting how deeply integrating digital/mobile customer data has a strong effect on how customers interact with brands. It found eighty-six per cent of survey respondents said their enterprise had either somewhat (59%) or completely (27%) integrated their mobile/digital data.

In response to market demands, IRIS has launched Accountant Go, a practice-branded app designed for accountants to engage and communicate with their clients as well as providing them with a single portal to access information and digital tools to help them succeed.

Sion Lewis continues, “There are a myriad of ways to improve productivity and efficiency across the practice. Utilising technology to add value to the client experience is where competitive advantage can be gained. Practices need more than a web portal. They need a way of communicating with clients in line with the experience we demand as consumers.”

Accountant Go provides highly advanced levels of customisation enabling the accountant to personalise all areas of content for clients and control every aspect of the client experience.

An in-app messaging channel enables accountants to push notifications, emails and SMS messages ensuring clients receive information in a timely manner and on the device of their choice. Additionally, the app provides clients access to important data held in the IRIS practice suite as well as enabling the accounts to publish other useful data, frequently requested on an ad-hoc basis by clients.

The Accountant Go App is available on Apple Store from today and will be available on Android store in next few weeks.


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