IRIS launches integration between cloud-based payroll and bookkeeping with IRIS OpenPayroll and KashFlow

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Posted: 18th December 2013

IRIS Software Group, an industry leader in payroll and accountancy solutions is now offering integration between its cloud payroll and bookkeeping solutions.

IRIS recently acquired KashFlow, the cloud-based bookkeeping software developer, allowing it to offer a fully comprehensive end-to-end solution for small businesses and accountants.

With the integration between KashFlow and IRIS, payroll software key data is transferred seamlessly to KashFlow at the touch of a button, saving users time, improving accuracy and removing duplication of effort. This integration is also possible between KashFlow and IRIS OpenPayroll, the new cloud-based payroll solution.

For many organisations, running their business through the cloud is a major factor in choosing which software to use, and integration between solutions further adds to this benefit.

“I recently implemented both IRIS OpenPayroll and KashFlow due to the potential benefits of the integration between the two,” Amber Hine of Amber Production Services commented.

“Previously I had been running everything manually on spreadsheets which could take up quite a bit of time. With IRIS OpenPayroll and KashFlow now in place however, I will save myself a lot of time and effort.”

Century North have been utilising KashFlow for a number of years, and recently decided to switch their payroll to IRIS OpenPayroll.

“KashFlow already allows integration with a number of our clients’ systems, and we find cloud solutions much easier to manage than traditional desktop software,” Ross Whitfield stated.

“The fact that IRIS OpenPayroll integrates with KashFlow and is a cloud-based solution showed us that it was the right decision. This means that different members of staff can log in from anywhere to process our clients payroll, which feeds directly into our accounts with KashFlow.

“The self-service feature is a great help as well, as it saves us having to export PDFs and email them out to employees. They can just access them themselves online.”

IRIS has over 74,500 subscribers to its cloud-based solutions – including IRIS OpenPayroll and KashFlow – which can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. Businesses can try IRIS OpenPayroll and KashFlow for free by visiting or