IRIS launches UK’s first professional cloud-based tax compliance suite – IRIS OpenTax

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Posted: 15th May 2013

Software giant IRIS reveals cloud strategy at launch of online tax preparation solutions

IRIS Software Group, the market leader in accountancy and payroll software, outlined the company’s plan to provide increased choice to accountants by offering cloud-based versions of core compliance products; the first of which launched today.

IRIS OpenTax is the UK’s only professional cloud software available for submitting personal, partnership and corporate tax returns online. IRIS OpenTax is designed for smaller practices that want an easy-to-use, value for money, cloud-based solution to file client tax returns.

Phill Robinson, CEO of IRIS Software Group, said, “This is a massive leap forward for the accountancy sector as a whole. IRIS OpenTax provides all of the features that a smaller practice would need in order to manage clients’ tax returns quickly and efficiently.”

IRIS OpenTax provides cloud-based tax return completion and online filing direct with HMRC, accessible over an Internet connection from any device, at any location at any time. The ground-breaking solution simplifies form filling and automates calculations, with a range of capabilities to drive efficiency including information dashboards, a built-in calculator, real-time filing validations and live calculation updates.

The benefits of the cloud solution include rigorous security, improved business continuity and access to a system that is always up-to-date without the need to ever download software updates.

Phill added, “We have provided our customers with cloud solutions for some time with our IRIS OpenApps family of products, now we are delivering core compliance solutions in the cloud. That’s exciting for us, and for the UK accountancy sector; the ultimate aim of our cloud strategy is to enable accountants to choose new ways of working more efficiently and collaboratively with their clients, building stronger relationships as a result, whilst still ensuring everything is done in a fully compliant manner. Customers can choose to consume our applications on their desktops on-premise, or from the cloud. We will continue to support all customers across all platforms – we see cloud computing as a source of competitive advance and efficiency available for the practices that choose to embrace it.”

Existing users of PTP tax products from IRIS can choose to continue to run their existing applications on-premise or request an invitation to trial and then move to IRIS OpenTax.

IRIS OpenTax in detail:

Cloud benefits
• Work from any location – Access from any web-enabled device, 24×7
• Remove your IT headaches – No software to install, backup, maintain or upgrade
• Save money – All you need is a browser, no complex and costly hardware to maintain
• Improved business continuity – ensure you and your staff can be equally productive from any location, if your office is out of bounds
• Security – Rigorous security protects your encrypted data to online banking levels
• Reliability – Cloud software removes your dependency on critical system hardware. Your data is in the cloud, accessible over any Internet-enabled device

IRIS OpenTax capabilities
• Client centric approach – Easy to access a comprehensive view of client information, all in one place, with simple navigation between clients, years and jobs
• Multi-client interface – A tabbed interface makes it simple to switch between clients
• Client and practice dashboards – Designed to show a summary of pertinent information about the accountant’s practice or clients, with the option to click through to precise information required
• Centralised client database – A single client database is automatically updated with information from completed tax returns
• Real-time online filing validations – users are alerted if they enter data that will cause the return to fail e-filing validation.
• Live calculation – User is updated on the changes to a client’s tax position immediately as the data is entered
• Grouped data entry systems – Enables groups of data to be entered in a single place for both UK and foreign income
• In-built calculator – All tax forms are calculator-enabled, meaning the calculator will automatically appear once an arithmetic operator (such as plus or divide) is typed in
• Compliant – Fully complies with all UK data protection legislation requirements
• Live help – Context sensitive help and HMRC guidance available through one click