IRIS Software Group crowned a winner at the DevOps Excellence Awards 2022 

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Posted: 24th March 2022

IRIS Software Group (IRIS) has won the ‘Most Successful Cultural Transformation’ category at Computing’s DevOps Excellence Awards 2022

The awards recognise remarkable achievements from organisations that have successfully used DevOps principles, resulting in increased business agility, innovation and resilience. 

IRIS’ culture-rich engineering team has been recognised for its seamless and successful transition from a waterfall-based way of working to an agile methodology. 

With over 40 years’ heritage, IRIS is renowned for leading the way with its software and solutions. Enabling a business of this scale to move from legacy technologies to cutting-edge cloud-based products, underpinned by agile and modern methodologies, has required new thinking, fresh approaches and a commitment to cultivating an outstanding DevOps culture.  

To remain at the top of its game, IRIS’ engineering team has worked hard to leave behind the legacy approaches, software and methodology, moving to cloud-based, dynamic products that are the beating heart of customers’ businesses.  

Rapid release cycles, agile processes and empowered teams has contributed to the forward-thinking business – with huge benefits for customers and thanks to the journey of the engineering team, for IRIS, this is just the beginning. 

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