IRIS Software Group launches cloud payroll and pensions software for the UK education market 

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Posted: 16th January 2024

Driving automation for complex calculations and regulatory procedures to improve efficiency  

London, UK, 16 January 2024: IRIS Software Group (IRIS), one of the UK’s largest educational software providers, today launched Every Payroll By IRIS, an easy-to-use cloud payroll solution designed to streamline the intricate payroll procedures in the education sector, such as pay scales, salary structures and pension filings. Every Payroll has been built specifically for educational establishments to accommodate their unique needs. 

IRIS is already a leading provider of payroll solutions, with one in six of the UK’s workforce paid by IRIS payroll offerings, and six million employees globally receiving their payslip via IRIS software every month.  

Every Payroll helps schools, academies and multi academy trusts (MATs) tackle notoriously complicated payroll calculations, including multi-post reporting, term-time contracting, teacher pension schemes, supply and casual staff, overtime and additional duties, whilst being fully HMRC recognised and RTI compliant. This ensures staff are paid correctly, the information can be reported to HMRC and pension agencies at a person and post level, respectively, and educational leaders can view accurate information about their labour costs. 

Every Payroll is fully integrated with Every HR By IRIS, the fastest-growing HR software for schools and trusts currently available in the market. Every HR has seen significant growth in the last two years, from 400 to over 2,000 schools and MATs using the tool to support their employees, maximise performance and improve strategic decision-making.  

IRIS has the broadest education software suite on the market, with 75% of MATs and 12,000 UK schools and academies – including half of the schools in England – now using its solutions. Integration between Every Payroll and Every HR will ensure employee detail changes within the HR system are always reflected in the payroll run. It will also allow payroll managers and administrators to process data from the HR system and calculate the MCR, without any manual intervention, saving considerable time and reducing errors. 

Simon Freeman, Managing Director of Education at IRIS comments, “Running payroll in-house can be complicated and time-consuming. Most existing systems require you to carry out extensive manual workarounds, because they don’t account for quirks like multiple roles and pay spines. You also need to be an expert in teacher, local government and other occupational pension schemes to manage this process effectively. 

“Every Payroll offers schools and MATs peace of mind over compliance and changes to payroll and pensions rules. With no infrastructure to maintain or updates to install, this advanced cloud solution saves time and money, whilst supporting remote, multi-site and flexible working. Its automated, in-system reports give schools and trusts complete oversight, allowing them to spot trends and deliver highly efficient payrolls,” he concludes.  

IRIS is focused on developing software solutions that consolidate data across multiple systems to provide valuable insights, enabling data-driven decision making and process automation, to alleviate the unnecessary time-drain educational staff currently face.