IRIS Software Group named 12th UK Best Workplace™ in Super Large Category 2022 

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Posted: 6th May 2022
IRIS Employees with thumbs up

Last year IRIS Software Group entered the Best UK Workplace™ Super Large Category for the first time. 

This year we are proud to announce we have moved up an incredible 17 places and are now ranked the 12th UK Best Workplace™ in the Super Large Category 2022 — confirming the importance we place on the employee experience within our organisation.  

A global authority  

Great Place to Work® continues to be the global authority on workplace culture. Since 1992, it has been defining and benchmarking what it means to be a great workplace with extensive employee data and insights. 

Its philosophy is simple: everyone should have a consistently positive work experience where purpose, new ideas and access to resources allow employees to thrive within a workplace. 

To rank as one of the Best UK Workplaces™, organisations are scored against and must exhibit ten top qualities.

These include:

  • A clearly embedded organisational strategy communicated from the top down  
  • Genuine thanks and recognition given to individuals, teams and departments  
  • Professional growth opportunities  
  • Benefits are tailored to employees’ needs and wants 
  • Opportunities for fun and social engagement 
  • Great employer branding that attracts and retains top talent 
  • An emphasis on creating and maintaining holistic employee wellbeing  
  • A strong focus on diversity, equity and inclusion and fostering fairness for all 
  • Values-led behaviours at all levels 
  • Outstanding communication channels that allow employees to share ideas, give feedback

A thriving workplace  

In an ever-changing environment, we continue to cement ourselves in a thriving workplace culture that our employees value. 

Matching and scoring well against the ten top qualities required to rank, moving up in rankings by an incredible 17 places in a single year, all while competing against some incredibly big brands within the super large category is a truly fantastic achievement for us. 

We are so proud of the numerous programmes we have that place our employees at the heart of everything we do, and we are delighted to be recognised for these efforts and as one of the UK’s best workplaces.  

Stephanie Kelly, Chief People Officer comments, “We are over the moon to have moved up 17 places in the Great Place to Work rankings! An amazing testament to all our incredible employees here at IRIS Software Group and everything they do to enable us to achieve great things every day.” 

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