IRIS Software Group offers Sage’s TAS payroll customers free RTI migration programme

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Posted: 4th July 2013

Market leading Accountancy and Payroll solutions provider IRIS Software Group, has announced that it is offering its full range of payroll products to Sage TAS customers, free of any initial costs, to ensure they become RTI (real-time information) compliant.

HMRC has re-confirmed the timetable for RTI with 1.4 million SMEs and most employers legally required to report payroll information in real-time from 6 April 2013. Sage has announced that they will not be providing support for RTI in their TAS payroll product, leaving customers concerned that they may be unable to meet the deadline and forcing migration to an alternative Sage solution.

As the leading RTI payroll software and solutions provider, IRIS Software Group want to ensure all TAS users understand that there is a RTI solution available from IRIS Software Group at no initial fee, to ensure they can meet the compliance deadline. 30,000 enterprises, payroll bureau and accountants use IRIS Software Group payroll solutions to pay approximately 14 per cent of the UK PAYE workforce.

Not for the first time, IRIS Software Group has stepped in to ensure Sage customers are not left in the lurch when meeting HMRC compliance regulations. Last year in the accountancy sector, Sage was unable to meet the legal minimum requirement for iXBRL-tagging, ahead of the compliance deadline.

IRIS Software Group started developing the industry’s most comprehensive family of RTI solutions with the HMRC, well in advance of the mandate taking affect. The solutions offer a simple way to manage payroll for companies.

TAS customers can move to the most suitable payroll solution for their needs – businesses can opt for IRIS Payroll Business, accountants can select IRIS Payroll for Accountants, Payroll bureau can select IRIS Bureau Payroll and more complex payrolls can be handled with EARNIE payroll.

IRIS Software Group payroll solutions enable companies to electronically report pay, tax, National Insurance and other details to HRMC. Employers can supply this information to HMRC in real-time as they pay employees, rather than at the end of the tax year, which ensures RTI compliance and more accurate tax deductions.

“We pride ourselves on looking after our customers and providing them with solutions that meet their specific business needs. Stepping in and supporting TAS, we are able to ensure that its customers meet the RTI mandate and are not left in the lurch,” says Mark Paraskeva, CEO SME Division at IRIS Software Group. “Our 90 plus per cent rolling customer retention rate is evidence of our successful industry leading solutions and support.”