IRIS Software Group partners with Workfinder to help tackle the recruitment crisis

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Posted: 25th July 2022

IRIS Software Group (IRIS) is today announcing its partnership with Workfinder to help customers tackle the recruitment crisis by providing access to millions of skilled young people from across the UK.

The talent shortage is causing widespread issues; businesses are suffering from the pain of finding the right talent with the right skills, placing an enormous amount of stress and pressure on HR professionals.

Through the Workfinder partnership, IRIS is revolutionising recruitment for customers, providing fast access to a wealth of digitally skilled young talent from across the UK who can join teams on-demand and access courses and masterclasses so they can do their best work.

Stephanie Coward, HCM Managing Director, IRIS Software Group, says, “emerging talent is such a great way for employers to find skilled resources they can develop and grow within their business. Our collaboration with Workfinder enables our customers to access a digitally fluent, diverse workforce who can start quickly and flexibly alongside their undergraduate, masters and PhD studies. It’s a great way to fast track a company’s growth.”

Sherry Coutu CBE, Founder and Chair of Workfinder, says, “I’m delighted to announce Workfinder’s new relationship with IRIS Software Group. This brilliant partnership is a natural extension for Cascade & Staffology customers who have open positions and suffer from the stress that comes along with that.”